What Is Glamping And What Types Are There?

We all like to enjoy nature, but not all of us are willing to sleep with insects, nailing us with a stone or root, without being able to charge our mobile or have a shower. Glamping was born to satisfy all those campers who seek to connect with nature without foregoing some of the luxuries and comforts of home.

What is Glamping

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a type of camping that combines the experience of camping outdoors with the comforts and luxuries of the best hotels.

Glamping tents are usually spacious and large, designed to place a large bed or a table with chairs, for stays of several days where you can be as comfortable as possible.

In many cases, when the glamping tent is going to be set up for a long period of time, what is usually done is to set it up on a wooden platform separated from the ground, achieving greater insulation and giving the tent greater category and comfort with a level ground free of mud, stones, roots or insects.

Most common types of glamping accommodation

Pavilion and Safari Tents

This category includes Pavilion, Patrol, Jaima, Safari or similar tents. They are tents with much more robust and heavy metal structures than normal camping tents. In the case of the Safari tent, there are also some structures with wooden beams.

Pavilion-type tents have high walls with windows, and a gabled roof. Some have a fireproof window in the roof so that the chimney can be removed from the stove in the colder months.

Chalet and Trailer Tents

Chalet – type tents were used more in the past than they are today. They are very large cotton tents , very heavy, with several interior rooms, usually a living room, dining table or table for board games, and a couple of double bedrooms.

Due to its large size and weight, the market has pivoted towards a new chalet tent concept: the tent trailer. This trailer not only allows you to transport the bulky tent and have your trunk available for other items, but also facilitates the assembly of the tent, using the trailer itself as part of the structure of the tent.

Bell Tents and Emperor Tents

The bell tent concept evolved from Henry Hopkins’ 1858 design, which combines the Native American teepee design with these new low sidewalls, giving the tent its bell shape. It is more spacious interior and its new name: Bell (which means bell in English).

It is very similar to the Tipi tent, with a structure based on a tall pole in the center and a small compass-shaped pole for the door, but Bell tents for glamping have walls, which in the case of Tipi tents, does not happen

The fact that Bell glamping tents have walls means that the useful space is greater than in the case of Tipi tents, where the height around the entire perimeter is minimal and therefore cannot be used as much.

Tipi Tents

The concept of tipi tent refers to the tents that the indigenous Indians made by crossing sticks or masts and animal skins wrapped around them.

Tipi tents are widely used today for Glamping, and are often confused with Bell tents. The main difference is that the roof of teepee tents goes directly down to the ground , while bell tents have a small vertical wall that gives them that bell shape (hence their name).