If you like adventure sports, you will enjoy bungee jumping to the fullest, since you will be able to experience a unique sensation of freedom charged with adrenaline.

At Montmartre Village Travel Blog, we carry out this type of activity with extreme security measures and with the preparation and supervision of experienced professionals. Our material is previously reviewed and is approved.

You will have both individual material (harness) and common material (anchors and ropes), in addition to civil liability insurance and accident insurance.

You can practice bungee jumping with a group of friends (groups are formed with a minimum of 4 people), but if you are the most daring and cannot find companions, do not worry, we will add you to another that is already formed.

You do not need previous experience or physical preparation to perform bungee jumping, although this activity is contraindicated in particular cases in which there are diseases such as hypertension, muscle injuries, etc. Your safety is the most important thing.

We recommend that you come with comfortable clothes, preferably sports clothes and with empty pockets so you don’t lose anything. Once you put aside your nerves and see how we carry out the whole process and how other colleagues do it, you will only have to worry about feeling more alive than ever, because the explosion of adrenaline that occurs in you when doing bungee jumping is unique. .

Are you ready to take the leap?

With Montmartre Village Travel Blog, you are going to have an unforgettable experience practicing bungee jumping in Paris, the fall will be a few seconds, but you will live it intensely.


Minimum 4 people (if you are less we can add you to another group), maximum (there is no maximum)

It includes:

Individual material (harness), Common material (ropes and anchors), RC Insurance and Accident insurance, certified monitor (according to current regulations)


Half Day (approximately 2h)


Comfortable clothes