The activity with canoes, one of the best options for the summer, we will refresh ourselves without leaving aside our leisure, come and take a canoe ride with us. An activity for everyone, which we can do in different places, swamps, rivers, sea… Choose the option that best suits you, whatever it is, it will be fun and rewarding. Do not miss one of the best summer options, come and have fun.

We will give you some basic notions so that you can handle your canoe and then we will make the excursion.

A different way of getting to know Paris through leisure, get on the canoe and discover it.

Canoeing is a water sport that is practiced on a light boat. The boat is propelled by one or 2 people (but not three) with a paddle. The main boats used are the kayak, propelled by a two-blade paddle.

An excursion in canoes, one of the best options for the summer.


Minimum 2 people, maximum 14 people. Larger groups consult

It includes:

Individual material (canoe, paddle and vest), common material (first aid kit, GPS locator), RC Insurance and Accident insurance, guides, photographic report


Approximately 3h, also crossings several days


Swimsuit, slippers or flip-flops, hat, sunscreen and lip cream, water, and some food