Frequent questions

Read the following frequently asked questions that our clients ask us before contacting us, so you can have answers to your questions without having to wait. If your question is not there, you can use the contact form that you will see below.

What do I need to bring for my camping?

Before leaving home, do not forget to check your luggage and do not forget: the tent, the mattress, some patches in case there is a puncture, an anti-mosquito product, a spotlight or light for the night, a table and chairs.

Can barbecues be done all year round?

No, barbecues are prohibited from June 1 to October 31 except in the authorized places of the campsite as long as they are charcoal.

Can we bring our dog?

Of course, you can bring your pet as long as you comply with the rules of coexistence. You should never leave your dog alone on the plot/bungalow and it will always have to be tied up inside the camping grounds (regardless of its size). A deposit of €20/pet is payable on the day of arrival and if there is no incident with it, we will return it to you when you leave.

What do I need to bring for my stay in a bungalow?

For your stay in a bungalow you must not forget to bring: sheets, towels, barbecue equipment (tongs, grill).

Can a friend or relative come to visit us during our stay?

Of course, yes, but to spend inside the campsite, any visit that exceeds 15 minutes must be identified at reception and pay the corresponding fee.

Can we get more people than the capacity of the bungalow with extra beds or inflatable mattresses?

No, under no circumstances, the limit of people in a bungalow is a rule that we take very seriously, under no circumstances is it allowed to exceed the limit of occupants (including adults and children in the capacity).

Do you have kayaks for rent?

Yes, the boats for water activities are available from June to September.