We Prepare An Adventure For You

We prepare for you different sports routes in Paris, such as long-distance bike routes so that you can enjoy mountain biking without limitations. With the services that you decide on, you can go around the Sierra Nevada touring great mountains, going through the greatest drop in Europe (Sierra Nevada – Cabo de Gata), more than 3,000 meters, to enjoy historical routes and transport yourself in time ( Route of the Caliphate).

At Montmartre Village Travel we will advise you on the different sports routes available, we will provide you with everything you need to do them without you having to worry about anything else, just enjoying yourself.

Also Great Hiking And Mountain Skiing Routes

As with the mountain bike routes, we have designed different long-distance mountain sports routes for you, giving you the same services and making you enjoy your favorite activity, hiking in Paris , in the same way .

We Adapt The Route To Your Level

All our sports routes are designed in a standard way, although we can adapt each of them to your level or number of days available, we will do it to suit you. Each one will set their challenge, if the one we propose does not fit your needs. Montmartre Village Travel takes care of the technical part and infrastructure, you will only worry about enjoying the tour


We provide you with everything you need for your adventure in Paris or in the chosen location. You have different options for each route, you can do it on your own or with our support. We will pick you up in Paris and take you to the beginning of each stage. From the end of them we will transport you to the accommodation, which we will also provide you with if you wish. We will give you all the information about the route so that you are as independent as possible. And if you don’t have a GPS, don’t worry, for €10 or less per day we’ll provide you with one with all the information.

At Montmartre Village Travel, we will also provide you with a GPS locator, why? If you have any problem and you don’t have telephone coverage you can communicate with us, if you have an accident you can connect via GPS with the rescue service and also whoever you want can follow the route you take on the map in real time.